Places to visit in Montegiorgio


  • Church of San Francesco with annexed Cappella Farfense (XIII century)
  • Church of San Michele (Baroccan Style)
  • Passari palace (XVIII Century)
  • Church of San Giovanni (1782)
  • Ruins of an arch dated ‘300
  • Alaleona Theater

Porto San Giorgio 

  • Marina


  • Roman Theater


  • Sferisterio


  • Roman Anphitheatre

Abbadia di Fiastra

The village Abbadia di Fiastra links its name to the Abbey of Chiaravalle of Fiastra, which is one of the best preserved Cistercian Abbeys in Italy.

Monti Sibillini national park

A mountain range that lies in the heart of Italy that reaches the hight of 2,476 m with the Mount Vettore. 
Right here, in the kingdom of the mythical Sibyl, in 1993 was founded the Monti Sibillini National Park (70,000 ha) in order to protect the environment, promote sustainable socio-economic development and favour the recreation of everyone in order to create a “park for all.” 
The wolf, the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon and many endemic species are the most evident signs of a diversity and biological richness that, together with the charm of the abbeys and the medieval town centres, scattered like a wreath at the foot of the mountain range, have contributed to determine an ancient and charming world where time seems, even today, have stopped to pay homage to a reality of such extraordinary beauty.